Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Foster Homes


GLBCR does not have a kennel or other central facility to house Border Collies who are in transition to new homes.

Instead, we rely on foster families who open their hearts & homes to prepare Border Collies for adoption to a permanent loving home.

Foster families provide daily care, exercise, food, toys, and sometimes a ride to vet appointments or to meet potential adopters.

GLBCR provides supplies & support throughout the foster care period, and pays for all pre-approved veterinary expenses. For more information, please read our Fostering FAQs.

Volunteer Application

Our volunteer application form is being revamped. In the meantime, please send an email to and request an application form. Thank you for your patience!


Like hanging your head out the window, jowls flapping in the wind to the tune of Wilco's "Passenger Side"?

Help transport dogs between shelters, foster homes & adoptive homes.

Transports are broken into manageable legs of a few hours per driver and, though we can't reimburse for fuel, we can promise the satisfaction of helping move a dog from peril to safety.

Great way to help as your schedule permits.

Give us a few basic details & we'll contact you when a transport routes through your area.

Volunteer Application

Primary Contacts

If you have a few spare hours each week for phone calls and email, we've got a job for you!

Primary contacts facilitate the adoption process by screening applicants and working with foster homes to help find the best family for each dog.

Primary contacts also help Border Collies at risk by working with existing Border Collie guardians who are experiencing difficulties and/or considering rehoming their dogs.

Oftentimes, a bit of guidance & support is all that's required to keep these dogs in their current homes and prevent them from entering the rescue network.
Creative & Technical Support

Tell us your skill, we'll put it to use.

For example:
  • Brochure design
  • Updating records
  • Database manipulation
  • Microsoft sharepoint
  • Graphic art
  • Web design
Techie BC
Opportunities range from developing and leading a fundraising initiative, to coordinating our presence at a major pet show.

And more... Public Outreach · Bandanna Sewing · Contacting shelters · Contacting alumni · Foster home support · Donor Correspondence · Coordination of veterinary care...


You won't regret it.

GLBCR is a web-based organization, relying heavily on email communication. Volunteers typically spend about 5 hours/week online, so regular email access is essential.

Border Collies run with a smart crowd, so we know you have a special skill to share. If it isn't listed here, feel free to contact us with a suggestion(or just to say hi).