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We need your help! Please complete the information below, and a GLBCR representative will contact you. If you are not contacted within 5 days, please email us!

The Fine Print: All information is used only for the purpose of evaluating prospective volunteers so we may feel comfortable about the people handling our rescue dogs and representing our organization. GLBCR does not sell or share any information collected. Items marked * are required.

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Application screening & interviews
Liaison for adopters & current Border Collie Guardians
Adoption follow-up
Coordinate & manage pet show appearance
Public Outreach
Donor Correspondence
Updating Adopter Records
Graphic Design/Brochure & Flyer Design
Data Management
Technical/Database Support


Volunteer wishes to donate his/her time, effort and services to assist GLBCR in its care of Border Collies.

Volunteer recognizes and understands the inherent risks associated with the care of animals, including but not limited to the possibility of any injury to person and/or property which Volunteer may suffer as a result of the unpredictable nature and/or provocation of animals. Volunteer understands the purpose of Volunteering is to support the GLBCR organization and its mission. GLBCR reserves the right, at it's sole and absolute discretion, with or without reason, to decline or accept a volunteer.

GLBCR desires to accept the donation of Volunteer's time, effort and services subject to Volunteer's agreement contained in this Waiver.

In consideration of the mutual promises of the parties contained in this Waiver, or of the acts to be performed by either, that parties agree that Volunteer hereby knowingly and voluntarily waives any and all claims, damages or causes of action which Volunteer may have or incur against GLBCR, its officers, directors, and agents as a result of Volunteer's donation of his/her time and effort. This Waiver shall be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, assigns and legal representatives.

GLBCR, a Not for Profit Organization

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