Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

2010 Annual Picnic - Mardi Growl!


Mill Pond Park Pavillion

The Welcome Booth

Here come the Border Collies!

Meeting and Greeting

Border Collies everywhere!

The Raymond Pack Arrives

Kathy P. with foster dog, Joker

Kim and Stacy, with Bacon

Mugging for treats

Kathy W. and Chris

Silent Auction

Leslie and Mohawk


Time for a break


Foster dog, Nate

Nettie, Eddie, and Valentine

Pan and Rosie

Nico and Rosie

Patty and Michelle

Roberta and Finnigan


Sammy and Wyndie

Don and Wyndie

Fun in the dog park

Let the Games Begin!

Don and Quiz

Roll Over, Vince!

Chewy dances

Cowgirl Rosie


And a Good Time

Was Had by All

Thank you for joining us!