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Unfortunately, we do not always have enough foster space to accommodate the many Border Collies who need to be rescued. And luckily, some owners who need to place their dogs keep them until a suitable home is found. The dogs below are listed as a service to those individuals or other rescue groups. Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue has not met these dogs and therefore, makes no representations of the health, temperament, or suitability of these dogs. Nonetheless, they still need homes. If you are interested in one of the listed dogs please contact the owner/shelter directly. These are not GLBCR foster dogs and it is not necessary to fill out an adoption application. All adoption details will have to be negotiated with the owners of the listed dogs. Please be patient while the pictures download.

We try to keep these pages up to date. Please email us if you are having difficulties getting in touch with one of the listed rescuer or if a dog has been adopted.

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Ekko -- Staying Home!

Gender: Male
Age: 4-6 Years

Near Columbus, OH

Ekko is a 4-6 year old male neutered Border collie that weighs 45 pounds. He is slightly rusty, but has a strong herding instinct and wants to work at herding again. He is good with other dogs, but does likes to chase cats. Because of his strong herding instincts, he would do better with older children.

I am devoted to finding the absolute best home for him that understands his needs as a border collie, an athlete, and as a rescue. He needs a home that can will give him a job that provides mental, emotional, and physical enrichment.

He is currently up to date on all vaccines including 3-year Rabies (due 2021), Distemper/parvo, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Canine influenza (bivalent strain).

Please contact me for additional information email.