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Unfortunately, we do not always have enough foster space to accommodate the many Border Collies who need to be rescued. And luckily, some owners who need to place their dogs keep them until a suitable home is found. The dogs below are listed as a service to those individuals or other rescue groups. Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue has not met these dogs and therefore, makes no representations of the health, temperament, or suitability of these dogs. Nonetheless, they still need homes. If you are interested in one of the listed dogs please contact the owner/shelter directly. These are not GLBCR foster dogs and it is not necessary to fill out an adoption application. All adoption details will have to be negotiated with the owners of the listed dogs. Please be patient while the pictures download.

We try to keep these pages up to date. Please email us if you are having difficulties getting in touch with one of the listed rescuer or if a dog has been adopted.

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Gender: Male
Age: 1 1/2 Years

Meet Jax!
Jax is a 20 month old Border Collie with some great ball drive, focus and seems to be pretty interested in the frisbee as well. Iíve only known him just under 1 week, but this is what Iíve learned so far.
1) He has great focus and toy drive. When the toy comes out, the rest of the world melts away. He plays nicely and has a nice out. Downside is that he doesnít really tug since he is more concerned with you throwing the toy in question, but I think the could be built on I knew he was a ball freak but I decided to break out a couple softer small frisbees and he seems to like that too. Overall I think I would label him high toy drive.
2) He gets along with my other dogs. He doesnít tend to interact very much as far as play goes but he will lay close and exist harmoniously. He doesnít seem to be toy possessive or resource possessive at this point either towards my other dogs or towards me.
3) He has a great off switch. He can be playing ball one second and hanging out just relaxing the next.
4)He is okay around cats. A little TOO interested but not unmanageable with a dog savvy cat.
5) He is also food motivated, but not over the top. I would call him a medium food drive.

His only catch is that he has epilepsy. His previous owner did her best to manage him but made the hard decision to surrender him when she felt she could not. He is currently well controlled on Phenobarb. He was just recently reloaded on phenobarb so I am surprised he is showing so much drive given how cloudy he has been recently with his medication adjustment. So needless to say I would be eager to see how his drive develops over time. With every day he is becoming more adjusted to phenobarb and showing more and more of his personality and I have no doubt he would make a great agility dog, or a possibly frisbee dog if someone was willing to work on it. I do not think his condition should limit him at such a young age and clearly he thinks similarly. He will make someone a very good beginner sport dog, or a great addition to a hobby sport home.

He should be available for adoption soon, I would assume in the next month or so. If you have additional questions about adopting Jax, you can visit Luvnpupz Facebook page, email or go to to learn more.