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Unfortunately, we do not always have enough foster space to accommodate the many Border Collies who need to be rescued. And luckily, some owners who need to place their dogs keep them until a suitable home is found. The dogs below are listed as a service to those individuals or other rescue groups. Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue has not met these dogs and therefore, makes no representations of the health, temperament, or suitability of these dogs. Nonetheless, they still need homes. If you are interested in one of the listed dogs please contact the owner/shelter directly. These are not GLBCR foster dogs and it is not necessary to fill out an adoption application. All adoption details will have to be negotiated with the owners of the listed dogs.

We try to keep these pages up to date. Please email us if you are having difficulties getting in touch with one of the listed rescuer or if a dog has been adopted.

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Gender: Male
Age: 6 Years


Moss is a sweet, good-natured fellow looking for an active pet or sport home. He is a 6 year old neutered male, who has always known a loving home. He is good with other dogs, kids, and people. He would most likely herd indoor cats. Moss travels well in the car, and is quiet in his crate. It is unknown if he is housebroken. Moss has a strong herding instinct, and can be difficult to call off of livestock and other dogs. Because of this, his off-leash control is uncertain, and he will need to be walked on a leash for quite some time in his new home. Moss is also obsessed with TV and computer screens, and would do well with being crated during TV time. Moss is fully vetted and chipped, and enjoys good heath; no injuries or illnesses ever. Moss has had extensive herding training, but has not progressed to a high standard. Moss lives currently in a multi-dog household, and we feel he deserves a home where he can enjoy more individual attention.

For more information contact Wendy: email.