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Adoption Application

Please complete the information below, and a GLBCR representative will contact you. If you are not contacted within 5 days, please email us!

The Fine Print: All information is used only for the purpose of evaluating prospective volunteers so we may feel comfortable about the people handling our rescue dogs and representing our organization. GLBCR does not sell or share any information collected. Items marked * are required.

About You & Your Family
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Hours Worked Per Week:
A GLBCR volunteer will contact your veterinarian to verify sterilization, current vaccinations and monthly Heartworm preventive for any dogs you own. Upon completion of phone interview and veterinary reference check, a volunteer will visit your home to review fencing and pet conditions, as well as discuss which dogs may be suitable for your environment. If you rent, we require from your landlord written permission to have a dog.
Vet's name, address, and phone #:
List names & ages of all household members:
List any other pets you have (name, type, age, spayed/neutered, length of time owned)
List types & approximate # of livestock, horses or other farm animals:
Demise of your last dog?
What type of area do you live in? Rural
What type of home setting do you have?
Approximate size of yard:
Please describe your fencing, including height, type, and portion of yard fenced:
If you rent, has your landlord given written permission to have a dog? Yes No N/A
How long have you been looking for a dog?
Previous Border Collie experience:
Have you applied to adopt a Border Collie from another rescue group?  If so, who?
About the Dog You Are Looking For
Is there a particular dog in whom you are interested? If so, which one?
What traits are you looking for in a dog?
What do you consider undesirable traits in your dog?
Do you need your new dog to be good with children under 12 years old?

What activity level do you desire in your new dog (active companion, performance dog, sporting dog, working dog, family pet, high-drive etc.)?
Planned activities, sports or work for your dog:
Do you anticipate using your dog to herd any type of livestock?
Please describe the dog's living quarters:
What age dog do you prefer to adopt? (Check all that apply): <6mos.  7 mos-2yrs.
2-5yrs. >5yrs. 
Do you have any preference of gender?

If this dog is to be an active family pet, would you accept a Border Collie mix?

Have you previously adopted companion animals from shelters or rescue groups?

Do you plan to take your dog outdoors in inclement weather, with proper precautions?

Do you plan to attend obedience training with your new dog?

Under what circumstances would you feel it necessary to relinquish a dog?
General Dog Responsibility & Care
Who will bear primary responsibility for feeding, exercising and training for the dog?
Where will the dog be kept during the day? (check all that apply) Crate
Inside house
Fenced Yard
Kennel or Run
Tied Outside
Loose in unfenced area
Where will the dog be kept at night? (check all that apply) Crate
Inside house
Fenced Yard
Kennel or Run
Tied Outside
Loose in unfenced area
On average, how many hours a day will your dog spend alone?
If for any reason you are unable to keep this dog, what would you do with it?
What brand of heartworm preventive do you give your current dogs?
Heartworm disease, caused by a parasite transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes, is rampant and often fatal. Treatment is both expensive ($300-$500) and taxing on your dog's system. This disease, however, is easily prevented by annual heartworm tests and administration of monthly heartworm preventive.
Are you willing to commit to this level of care for the rest of your dog's life?

Your dog will need annual or tri-annual vaccinations or titers for Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis and other vaccines as recommended by your vet. GLBCR requires adopters to provide annual veterinary check-ups.
Are you committed to this level of care for the rest of your dog's life?

There are times when unexpected and often very expensive medical conditions occur.
Are you committed to providing whatever medical care your veterinarian deems necessary for your dog?

Dog/Applicant Compatibility
If you are interested in a specific dog, the foster caregiver will discuss with you the dog's personality, temperament and activity level to help determine if the dog is an appropriate fit for your home. The board members of Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue retain the right to confirm, redirect, or deny an adoption.
Please explain why you picked the dog you are applying for:
What will you do if the dog displays unwanted behavior such as barking, digging, chewing, etc?
What role will this dog play in your life? (check all that apply) Companion for me
Companion for other dog
Jogging Buddy
Friend for Child
Working Dog
Sport Dog
Hunting Dog
House Pet
Outside Dog
Do you have any questions or comments?
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. If a volunteer does not contact you within one week of your submitting this application, please email our Application Coordinator.