Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue


Lovingly submitted by Michelle's sister: Michelle Bauman's path to Border Collie Rescue was straight and narrow. Already at the age of 12, she had a fondness and sympathy for animals that was beyond compare. Those around her should have realized that when she adopted her first hand-me-down dog at the age of 20, a Pekignese named Tu Chu. Not only was the dog's name was ridiculous, the little dog had been banned from her mother's house and abandoned by her older sister. This dog (although 6 years old), was not house trained and bit everyone she came in contact with. The exception of course, was Michelle, who took the little animal under her wing, and loved her despite her many faults. Many hand-me-down cats and four stray dogs later, Michelle still has a soft heart for the weak and weary of the animal world.

Michelle's interest in Border Collies was sparked and instantly fueled when she saw an Agility Show on an Animal Planet television program. She immediately started researching the Border Collie breed, and Voila! there she found the GLBCR website. Michelle perused it daily until she got up enough nerve to submit an Adoption Application. That's how she was matched with Eddie, and her life hasn't been the same since!

Little did she know that Eddie had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He aimlessly jumps into the air and snaps at imaginary objects! This dog, however, has also found the right home. Perserverence and medication has given him a new lease on life. Michelle and Eddie have become great pals, counting Agility class and playing fetch as prized activities. In 2005, she fostered and later adopted Valentine , one of the many special needs dogs taken in by GLBCR over the years. Don't tell Val, though - he has no idea!