Some people we'd like to thank...

Bayer for the donating medications
Clean Run Productions for donating leashes and toys for our foster dogs
Dr. Janice Collins and her staff at Royal Oak Animal
Hospital, Michigan, for donating their time and services in helping Nick.
Ann LeSage "In memory of my sister Dr. Kathy Kellner, DVM."
Jayne Poyer & Rookie for the big box of goodies and tennis balls
Paul Kendall for the montary donation
Kevin Breit O'hare in memory of Bear Wolf
Pat Van Osten for helping out Simmy
Jill Wanie for the helping out Simmy
Kris Baclawski for the monetary donation
Victoria Letto for the boxes of goodies
Carolyn Miranda in Memory of Joe Miranda
Tina Marie Baschieri in memory of Bozley
US Cellular on behalf of Ken & Cathy Kush
Judith Mackie & Brenna Gwen Garber
Barb and Russ Scott "In memory of Colt, a great BC whose life ended
before his time."
Pam Fett: "In honor of Howie, our rescued BC, and Miles our very first Border Collie"
Patrick & Mary Ann McManus: In honor of Briggs
Steven & Brenda Anderson: For Urak
Chris Mueller
Nancy Grant: For Urak
Diane Spisak, Sheepfields Akbash Dogs
Cathy Kush for the monetary donation
John Umbach for the kennels
Mieke & Gottfried Kellermann, In loving memory of Fjela
Tamina Stengel for the blanket and toys for Liam
Jerry and Cindy Oehler for the dog crate and monetary donation
Staff at Airport Animal Emergi-Center for Tag's surgery and the dog food
Jo Ann & Bruce Cross for the monetary donation
Karen Smith for the monetary donation
Robert & Ann Avery (& Avery Kitties) for monetary donation in honor of Sadie
Kathy Cirac & Family for collecting foster supplies
Deb Witt "In Honor of Rusty"
Gregg McKerrow "the pop-can guy!"
Leah Carswell for the "Proud Owner" T-shirt design
Vic Worthy for taking in poor BJ when there was no place to go
Edie & Jim Boisvert for the BIG bag of tennis balls, biscuits,
collars & leashes and blanket
Maribeth Lindstrand for the monetary donation
Prodrive Engelhard LLC for continuous support
Debbie Archer for the monetary donation
Cathy Seifert for the linens and blankets
Cathy Kush for the monetary donation
Dr Schwartz, Downtown Birmingham MI Veterinary Clinic
Maureen Hillen for the monetary donation
Jody & Ross Peterson for help with heartworm treatments
Tamina Stengel for the linens and blankets