Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Height: na
Weight: 50 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: Yes
Location: Western Michigan
Foster Home: Shaun and Renee
Crate-trained: yes
Treat-motivated: yes
Toy-motivated: No
BC Experience Required: No
Good with dogs: Calm dogs
Good with cats: No
Good with kids: 8+, dog-savvy
Commands: Come, sit, down, off, kennel

Do you like walks, car rides, and maybe even a run now and again? Me too! Do you like treats and training with treats? Me too! Do you like to snuggle and get tons of affection? ME TOO!

If you said yes to all the fun stuff above, I might be the dog for you! Even though I grew up on a farm, a life of herding and work just wasnít my style. Iím much much happier as an incredibly loving companion in a quiet home, and could even learn to live with a dog or older kids who know how to give me some space when I need it.

I know itís weird, especially for a border collie like me, but toys and fetch just arenít my thing. What Iíve really grown to love is regular training with treats and this thing my foster family calls ďthe clickerĒ! When I hear a click I know a treat is coming, which has really helped me learn that loud sounds, new people, close passing cars, and even exciting images on the TV arenít scary, just part of living in a home with a family. I sure hope youíll continue to do the same, because Iím pretty smart if I do say so myself and if you give me a little positive reinforcement thereís probably nothing I canít do!

I am very shy and sometimes even scared with new people, but if they just ignore me for a bit I know that they mean me no harm and Iíll eventually get around to sniffing them up. Once I confirm their smell, then they can even start tossing me treats and pretty soon theyíll just be part of the family! Sometimes I warm up quickly to new folks, and sometimes it just takes a while. If youíre patient with me and give me time to trust you, Iíll repay you with copious amounts of love and affection!

When I do warm up to you, letís talk about the snuggles and cuddles! If youíre looking for a little spoon and someone to lick your face while tying your shoes, Iím your girl! Iíll be honest, cuddling and snuggling are really my passion, even sometimes a little too much as Iím still learning how much is appropriate. Letís put it this way, Iíll show you as much love as you want, and if it ever feels like too much you can just ignore it a bit and I understand thatís enough (for now!)

I am really good on car rides, except sometimes when itís really busy and I might bark at cars that are just too dang close! Look, Iím just trying to let them know to slow down!! My family has been working on that too, with clicks and treats when thereís a lot of excitement. On the highway or quieter drives Iím happy to just curl up and hang out until we get where weíre going.

Iím definitely not that go-go-go kind of Border Collie (remember, didnít much care for working hard on the farm!) My family also says Iím good on walks too because I go their speed and donít try to pull forward. Same thing when we go running, but I do get tired pretty quickly (for a border collie), especially in the heat. I know my name very well and definitely come when Iím called, but sometimes things like strangers can distract me enough that I donít hear my name, so Iíd love a fenced yard so things stay a little calmer. I am very happy in my kennel, and know when to get in it if my people need to leave for a bit. Sometimes I even just hang out in the house when people are gone, and that seems to be going good too, cuz mostly I just snooze so I have lots of cuddle energy for when they get back. And speaking of snoozing, I sleep well all through the night snuggled up in my bed, no kennel necessary!

If youíve read all this I really appreciate it. Hopefully you understand that Iím a really good girl, ready to be a loving family member or solo companion, who just needs a little continued work on gaining confidence with positive reinforcement. If you show me some love and guidance Iím yours forever!

Will you be my cuddle buddy?