Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue
Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Gender: Male
Age:4-5 Years
Height/Weight:23" / 64 lbs
House-trained: Yes
Fenced yard required: Yes
Location: Mid-Michigan
Foster Home: Barb
Crate-trained: Yes
Treat-motivated: Yes
BC Experience Required: Yes
Good with dogs: Selective
Good with cats: NO
Good with kids: Yes
Commands: Sit. Wait. Down. Bed. Get off. Get in. No/leave it.

I am a big cuddly bear . I love pats and scratches on my belly. Not so keen on baths as I want to chew all the hoses. The groomer said I could come back tho. I am a little “mouthy” and don’t mind chewing and slobbering on your hand.

I get very excited with new sounds. I am now use to electric razors and hair dryers as my foster mom says no barking or jumping. I do not seem to mind the vacuum but the bird clock had me going. I also howl at certain pitches . I have a low pitched bark and get very excited when company comes. When I am excited I click my teeth and jump. I can get all 4 feet off the floor at the same time!

I love food and treats. I lay/sit quietly by while my foster mom eats. I love when she throws me a tidbit and I am a great catch. I will guard my food when other animals are around but foster mom can pick my bowl up before I am finished cause I know she will give it back.

I love being outdoors but I have to have a fenced in yard as my nose leads me into lots of trouble. I like to slip my collar when I am tied out. Mom says I have to have a martingale type collar. Because I don’t come back well when I am outside smelling all that wonderful stuff!

I have a pillow and blanket that I sleep with. I love stuffed and squeaky toys. I go into my crate nicely and when asked to sit and wait when the door opens I do a good job. I am still working on leaving the crate calmly.

I had some cage rage when I first arrived here but haven’t done that in a long time as foster mom says no way!

When I am in the house I love looking out the window . Mostly because I know there are cats out there and they seem like good prey to me and I am on the attack if I can reach them. The cat in the house does not run from me and I have been disciplined to leave her alone. Besides she swats me with her claws if I get to close. I respect gates and foster mom can just lean them against the wall when she is home and I stay on the right side of the gate.

My favorite activity is riding in the gator. Mom has a hard time keeping me out of the gator and car because I love to ride. I must be in restraint in car as I chase cars whether I am in the car or out. I am also interested in chasing bikes. I am a real musher and love to pull on my leash as I am so excited to see and smell everything. Sometimes I am a little pushy when greeting other dogs if other dog is aggressive I give it back.

When indoors I come quickly when called. I rest quietly by moms chair even if I haven’t been outside and played a lot. I guess you could say I am a moderate to low energy level type personality. I like play fighting with my foster sister. She is half my size as it is real pushy. I prefer carpet as slippery floors scare me but I have done better as that is all my foster mom has. I love tearing up paper towels. And leave itty bitty pieces all over the house. Tissues are fun and stuffing from toys are fun too. I do not give up things I “find” easily. I will trade most anything for food. Small children’s toys might be an issue for me.

I do need a strong assertive parent as I need guidance to keep on learning how to be a great companion.